electronic reading device named Kindle, only $400

Well it's about time somebody got the ball rolling on portable electronic documents. The Kindle is by no means the IPhone of electronic books, but it does have plenty of features - geared towards of course.

The whole list of nifty features is available at Amazon's website...

Here a some key features that we like:

  • lighter and thinner than a typical paperback book.
  • "paper-like" screen that makes it easier on the eyes to read as opposed to reading a typical PDA or Computer
  • ability to purchase content from, we're talking about the 88,000 books available.
  • built in EVDO network ( 3G wireless at 2.4 megabits per second on the go, no service fees) capability to allow you to purchase and view updated content.
  • Read for a week and maybe more with wireless turned off

We may not be running out to buy this device at it's $400 price tag, but as more companies jump on the bandwagon to get similar products out we'll be waiting...