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CUCM SFTP backup issue workaround

SFTP transfer fails from Call Manager to any SFTP software (Solarwinds SFTP, WS_FTP, etc.)

Error message includes:
“SFTP transfer failed during Backup. Either there is not enough disk space or network transfer failed due to interuption while transferring data to configured SFTP Server.”


1. Disk space is full, check drive space is available.
2. Cisco recommends to use Prime …

Winsock fix – for web browsing issue when ping still works

Have a PC with Internet issues?
Can ping google and yahoo?
Can’t surf w/ IE or Chrome, page can’t be displayed?
You’ve tried the usual:
ipconfig/flushdns …


Straight Talk Review – It’s as bad as your current provider, but cheaper!

Straight Talk is a Prepaid Cell Phone Service from Walmart, from the same company that brought you Tracfone prepaid phones and minute cards.
Straight Talk has a UNLIMITED pricing plan that allows for data, text, and web for $45 per Month (as of this writing). ┬áIs it really unlimited, probably not, but you’re used to this …


Dropcam HD – Review

Cameras such as Linksys, Logitech, and Dlink have been a staple for home security and monitoring. There are other possibly cheaper solutions, however, these cameras are normally easily mounted and accessed via a variety of methods right out of the box.
The Dropcam HD adds further advantages and disadvantages to the line-up.

The benefits include:
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